Welcome to WSAG4J

The WS-Agreement for Java framework is a tool to create and manage service level agreements (SLAs) in distributed systems. It is an implementation of the OGF WS-Agreement standard. WSAG4J helps you to design and implement SLAs for your services and automates typical SLA management tasks like SLA offer validation, service level monitoring, persistence, accounting, and more.

Learn more about WSAG4J

This site is structured in multiple sections to provide you with the all the required information about WSAG4J depending on your needs.

  • WS-Agreement

    In this section you will find a basic introduction into the WS-Agreement and WS-Agreement Negotiation specifications. It contains a description of the protocol and the language concepts which are the basis of the WSAG4J framework.

  • Programming Model

    The programming model section provides an information for those that want to get familiar with the WSAG4J framework. It gives an overview of the framework components and explains how new SLAs are implemented, i.e. the basic concepts of SLA template design, service instantiation and monitoring are described.

  • Client Implementation

    This section gives an overview on how you use the client API to create and monitor SLAs. This section includes a short quick start guide for setting up and implementing a new client project.

  • Examples

    In addition to the programming model this section provides a set of detailed examples on how to use the WSAG4J framework, i.e. it includes tutorials on SLA negotiation, agreement creation constraints, guarantee evaluation and SLA monitoring.

WSAG4J Features

The WSAG4J framework provides:

  • Full support of the WS-Agreement and WS-Agreement Negotiation specification
  • Domain-independent SLA management framework
  • Highly flexible SLA design using the WS-Agreement language
  • Dynamic agreement offer validation based on template creation constraints
  • Automatic guarantee evaluation based on monitoring data
  • Accounting of penalties and rewards based on guarantee evaluation
  • SLA persistence: agreement persistence is transparently managed by the WSAG4J engine
  • Builds on web-service standards, i.e. WSRF, WS-Notification, WS-Security, XPath, etc.
  • And much more...


You can grab the latest release of the WSAG4J framework from our download page.